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How to Reach Coorg by Air

Coorg doesn’t have an airport of its own yet flying down is the most convenient and the fastest way to reach the hill station, if you are coming from far. Depending on which part of the country you are traveling from will decide the most convenient airport for you. The closest international one is Mangalore International Airport, sitting at a distance of just 140 kms from Coorg city centre. For domestic flights the nearest one is at Mysore, 120 kms from Coorg. The most well-connected airport near Coorg, however, is the Bangalore International Airport, albeit 286 kms away. Whether you alight at Mangalore or Bangalore, once at the airport, you can hire a cab or hop onto any of the state-owned or private luxury buses that ply between these two cities and Coorg.

How to Reach Coorg by Railways

Just like the missing airport, Coorg does not have a railway station of its own. However, if you like train journeys and want to take your time getting to Coorg by train, there are a few options. You can take a train till the neighbouring cities of Mysore or Bangalore, both of which are well-connected to nearly all corners of India by train. Between the two, Mysore is closer at just 120 kms far away from Coorg.

How to Reach Coorg by Road

Whether you come by flight or decide to take the train, the last leg of the journey to Coorg is by road. And what a spectacular journey that is! The 4-5 hours that you will take to reach Coorg promises to be a one-of-a-kind experience. The entire route as you head towards Coorg is replete with stunning landscapes, verdant mountains and unbelievable weather. The road winds its way through the hills and can get steep and bit rough in certain patches. Nothing that a seasoned traveller should be too worried about.

Here’s a quick look at the distances between Coorg and some major nearby cities:

Mysore and Coorg 107 kilometres

Mangalore and Coorg 138 kilometres

Bangalore and Coorg 265 kilometres


Best Time to Visit Coorg-Weather,Temperature & Season

Coorg During Summer Season (March-May)

Summer in Coorg is a great time to visit. While the rest of the plains are hot and uncomfortable, Coorg is cool and fresh, inviting people to relax and unwind in its pleasant climes. Step out in the warm sun and enjoy the visual spoils of the hill station. A lot of people will have the same ideas as you, so do expect a fair bit of crowds. After winter, summer is the best climate to visit Coorg.

Coorg During Monsoon Season (June-September)

Coorg has a tropical climate and experiences a robust monsoon. It starts with medium rainfall earlier in the season and the intensity increases as the calendar comes closer to mid-August and early September. It is colder during this season and heavy rainfall has been known to flood roads and cake them with mud, while also restricting outdoor activities. However, in no way should this stop you from visiting since the hill station is fresh and green, and its beauty is enhanced even further during this season.

Coorg During Winter Season (November-February)

Coorg has a moderate climate, which makes every season a great season to visit. However, the best time to visit is from November to February if you wish to enjoy the outdoors and also indulge in adventure activities. Towards the end of March and in early April the land is bedecked in beautiful white flowers.

Travel Season Min / Max Temparature Season
March - May 22-40 degrees Summer - Pleasant and cool
June - September 11-28 degrees Monsoon - Medium to heavy rainfall
October – November 22 – 40 degrees Summer - Pleasant and cool
November-February 23-29 degrees Winter - Cold and cosy

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